Barracuda Turk Export®

Barracuda Ic & Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti a.k.a Barracuda Turk Export was founded in 2010 in Gaziantep, Turkey as foreign trade -import & export- company. After a few years later we have decided to build our own brand Oberhof Drinks. Our main reason to build a brand name is; having, buying and selling the goods quality’s as we described and as it should be.

Day by day we are expanding our own Oberhof Drinks® branded goods for our growing market in food & beverage sector. Actually we can supply over 20 different types of Juice & Nectar like apple-pear juice, kiwi juice, pear juice, grape juice, pineapple juice and etc.

We have two producing options of Oberhof Drinks® branded goods to our clients; Made In Austria or Made In Turkey. Especially our clients in Middle East and Arab countries choose the Made In Turkey option for logistic cost advantages.

Barracuda Turk Export
Oberhof Drinks Certificate of Europe Registration

Quality Policy

We as Oberhof Drinks; by setting of with the awareness of social responsibilities, showing respect towards environment, manufacturing quality products making contributions to human health with our innovative products, By understanding our customers in the right way, being able to giving immediate and effective responses to their expectations, by this way providing their trusting our company, believing that they can consume all our products on the shelves and their being bound to our brand.

Providing the workers being proud of the work they are carrying out, developing the working environment and life satisfaction levels of the company workers, Being one step ahead in terms of quality, performance, cost and service, being a leader in the domestic and foreign market, By growing with our manufacturers and suppliers with the partnership awareness, increasing our profitability and efficiency.

Constituting the conditions being necessary to be able to provide the continuity of the quality awareness and participation of our workers, providing the continuity of the training activities that we apply with this aim.

Our Vision

Oberhof Drinks® vision is to be the global driving force for natural and great tasting products. With our elite team of flavorists and product developers assembled from diverse backgrounds, cultures, skills, expertise, and history; our reach is global, our insight is visionary and our tomorrow is today. Embracing the extraordinary, we set trends, create tastes, and lead innovation with precision.

Each success is thoroughly defined to deliver the perfect sensory experience and product to our customers. Through developed trust and understanding, people turn to us when they want the unexpected, need the creative teamwork, and require the passion to have their vision become reality.

Oberhof Drinks Certificate of Turkey Registration