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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oberhof Drinks®?2016-12-03T03:10:46+00:00

Oberhof Drinks® is the brand which produces Juice and Nectar and More near Alpen in Austria.

Why Oberhof Drinks®?2016-12-03T03:13:30+00:00

Oberhof Drinks® brand is managing by Barracuda Turk Export® in Turkey and can act as multi-national character like; managed in Turkey, packages printing at Tetra-Pak in Croatia then filling in Austria then shipping anywhere in the world. So You may see Yourself while drinking one of our products. Warning; please drink only one at one time, You have been warned.

In the meanwhile in our office; we are sitting behind our desks and answering the phones and writing emails like any other offices and feeling ourselves We are very important people and the world can not turn its around if we do not exist. But We are really very important people at least just like You so thus either our Brand is.

Now You knew; how.

In fact; Why Oberhof Drinks®’s answer is itself. Our flexibility; We have been at stage since 2010 and We have finished one passport book within entries & sorties and second book is almost finished.  A proverb says Who knows better; travels a lot or read a lot. Yes, We read a lot and travels a lot. Answer is flexibility, We are saying the way of success is flexibility and understanding each other. We can understand no matter You in what language you are speaking.

Now You knew; why.

What is the story of Oberhof Drinks®?2016-12-03T03:18:25+00:00

We are not deeply sorry but we do not have any special story about Oberhof Drinks®. We can write together.

What happens when i drink Oberhof Drinks®?2016-12-03T03:12:18+00:00

We are not deeply sorry again but it is only Juice and can not help you to feel you are jumping through the cool water from the hot sand. So thus it feels you to is only Juice. So just drink and get back to what you were doing.

What is the difference of Oberhof Drinks® than any other brands?2016-12-03T03:23:37+00:00

C’mon, it is a Juice, only Juice, just a Juice. Yes, at least it is healthier as any other Juice but it won’t help you to be a Supermen nor something like that nor provides a healthy body. We kindly advice you to start exercise, You’re gonna feel better after 2 weeks later, not before than.

Where is Your offices?2016-12-03T03:54:54+00:00

We are growing day by day and on 2017 we are planning to have 7 more branches.

Actually we have three branches which in USA, Libya and Turkey.

How You can contact with Us?2016-12-03T03:34:22+00:00

If you are Chuck Norris, no need to read the rest of, but if You are not; it is really so simple; just use the contacts page to find nearest location to you and drop an email then someone will get back to You ASAP.

Either You may use the oldest smoke way but We are not very good to read it, We are working on it. So thus please use again contacts page.

What kind of languages on the packages?2016-12-03T04:30:16+00:00

Standard languages are German, English, Arabic and Russian.

What is the Barcode Numbers?2016-12-03T04:27:39+00:00

All our products are producing in Austria | Made In Austria. So thus all our products has Austria Barcodes.

What is the Terms?2016-12-03T04:45:34+00:00

All our production is special production for related clients. It means when we got your order; we will start to produce your orders within 15 days. We do not have any stock. So thus all production is specially producing for the client, in another way; tailor job. All Our goods are maximum 1 month old when you delivered and shipping included.

What is MOQ?2016-12-03T04:50:29+00:00

Acceptable Minimum Order Quantity is 5 * 20 ft ctn for each order and for each type minimum 1 * 20 ft ctn.  We are deeply sorry, We can not accept the total orders less than 5 ctns.

How We are handle the Shipment?2016-12-03T05:06:49+00:00

Our official logistic partner is Schenker-Arkas Company.

What is the Payment Types?2016-12-03T04:59:37+00:00

L/C at Sight or Advance Payment

We have already explained why at What is the Terms?

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